August 1, 2019

People of Hope! 
Hannah arrived home safe….YAY!….. her plane was delayed and finally arrived after midnight yesterday morning. I imagine that after two years of full-time work in a culture so different than ours, there are things you get used to after a while. I reflected on our visit with Hannah in Nepal a year ago – how different even crossing a street was. For the life of me, I’m not sure why they have traffic lights or any semblance of lines on the roads! Navigating traffic is the law of the jungle and crossing any street on foot requires nerves of steel. Crossing requires stepping out and walking a normal pace without fearfully stopping suddenly or quickly racing ahead (jack-rabbiting will get you killed). Your safety requires complete trust that scooters, cars etc. see you and will adjust to accommodate you – it doesn’t matter whether they come within inches of you, if they don’t hit you, that’s what counts. I’ve noticed that’s how most people view morality today…sure there’re lines, but what does it matter if we don’t obey the rules as long as no one gets run over and we all get along. That’s what really matters right? But what if there’s a God who is holy and the primary thing is to honor Him, not merely avoiding offending other people and surviving? “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.” (Proverbs 1:7) I trust you’re one who honors God with your life and rises above the law of the jungle.

I’ll begin a short series Sunday called Disastrous Decisions on Display. The message is titled “Hypocrisy”

ICE CREAM!!  What – WHAT??!! – This Sunday Evening
Looks like the evening service just got a little cooler! We’ll provide Vanilla and Chocolate with some toppings……. If you want to bring another flavor, please do!
NEWCOMER’S LUNCH (Date change!!) – August 11th 
If you’d like to learn more about Hope and membership here, join us at 12:30 after the 2nd service on August 11th in the big room at the end of the children’s wing. This is a one-time session together that will end at 1:45. Childcare and food are provided.
MISSION PRESENTATION– Sunday Evening – August 11th 
Hannah Davis (Yes, my youngest daughter) has returned safe from a two-year term in East Asia. She’ll be sharing with us during the evening service on August 11th at 6:00pm. Come out and share a mutually encouraging time with her.
RIVER BAPTISMS – August 18th 
Looks like a small party developing……if you would like to be baptized in the Cedar river, let me know. There are 5 people who will be baptized so far…..I haven’t lost one in the river yet.  It will be an unforgettable experience as you take a step Jesus calls all believers to take. The baptisms will take place on August 18th at 4:00pm. Let me know if you’re interested or mark your connection card Sunday.
See you soon!